2016 Marketing Trends

It’s pretty wild to think that we already have the first month of 2016 under our belts, right? Well now that the craziness of the New Year is beginning to subside, we wanted to highlight a few marketing trends that stood out to us for 2016.

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4 Essential Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing is thriving and according to Salesforce in their 2015 State of Marketing Report, “Email is an integral touchpoint along the customer journey for the majority of marketers:  73% agree that email marketing is core to their business.”

Can Sex Sell Candy?

Sex in advertising is nothing out of the ordinary. For many companies it’s an effective marketing strategy to attract attention to their brand, and as long as people have a continued desire to feel a sense of belonging, feel attractive, loved, wanted, or intimate, sex appeal in advertising isn’t going anywhere anytime soon

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