4 Essential Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing is thriving and according to Salesforce in their 2015 State of Marketing Report, “Email is an integral touchpoint along the customer journey for the majority of marketers:  73% agree that email marketing is core to their business.”

There is an 18% increase between 2014 and 2015 on how emails critically enable products and services.  With an 18% increase in a matter of one year, imagine how much that’s going to increase every year and only improve how your brand connects with your customers.

Business 2 Community says “…in order to take advantage of the continued expansion of email and mobile usage around the world, it’s time to make absolutely sure that your email communications are personal, relevant, and highly targeted.”

Personality According to HubSpot, 76% of marketers today say they use email more now than they did three years ago, and 95% of customers use email with 91% of them checking their inbox at least once day.   With the advancements of smartphones, tablets, and the latest gadgets like the Apple Watch, emails have a larger capacity to reach your intended audiences.  Increasing your deliverability starts conversations which increases consumer engagement which will drive more leads and more conversion rates.

Emails can be created to be personal and designed with their own unique personality – tailored to the needs, wants, and desires of your customers.  They can be designed for specific groups and audiences, or even on an individual level.  The power of personalization takes you down a longer path to an equally valued relationship between you, your brand, and your customers.

Creative, Catchy Content… it gets them to Click and Generates Higher Conversion Rates.

Especially when it’s personalized, but what about when a customer is just getting to know you?  Of course, they are going to be a tad hesitant to give you their information, but start small.  Entice them by offering a weekly newsletter or subscribing to your blog.  Whatever email marketing strategy you decide upon, remember to include these content must-haves in all your emails – these four components are what’s going to drive your click and conversion rates in positive directions.

Super Catchy Subject Lines – Use them!  According to Lynton.com “Companies that personalize the “To” and “From” address fields see an average lift of 16% in email open rate, while optimized subject lines can see an increase of anywhere from 5%-30%.” 

Content that Connects – Customers want the content to be personal to them.  It needs to be relevant and unique. When they open your email, they should feel that you have a vested interest in them.  Ask questions – create a conversation – deepen the customer relationship with your content. Ultimately, this will drive conversion.

Call to Action – This is a crucial component to keeping your customers continuing the conversation with you.  Whether it’s for them to receive more information, watch a really cool video, link them to social media, blogs, or another part of your site, keep them engaged and excited to move on to the next step in the relationship process – Remember with every call to action, there needs to be a follow up from your end – value is exchanged both ways.

Your Signature – Make it Personal.  Sign your name.  Don’t leave your customer with a random “Thank you from the so and so team.” Placing a person at the end of the email is powerful message – it gives your customer a human presence behind your brand which gives you more value.

Yes, email marketing campaigns take work – a lot of work.  But, ultimately, the time spent in creating the next great campaign will result in long-term positive relationships that creates value with your customers that will generate brand awareness and increased revenue to your bottom line.