2016 Marketing Trends

It’s pretty wild to think that we already have the first month of 2016 under our belts, right? Well now that the craziness of the New Year is beginning to subside, we wanted to highlight a few marketing trends that stood out to us for 2016.


Trend 1: Go Lean

As competition among startups grows, so does the importance of having a lean business strategy, which makes sense considering lean strategies focus on customer experience, something that's becoming increasingly important.

However, in your pursuit of a lean business "makeover," keep in mind that this approach is a growth strategy, not a quick fix. It's a strategy that maximizes the value of your team in order to enhance the customer experience.


Trend 2: Personalized Video Marketing

If you're looking for new way to create a personalized storytelling experience for your customers and prospects, then personalized video is something you can benefit from.

Early adopters of this trend report higher click-through-rates, higher engagement, and more conversions, and since it's in the early stages you can still take advantage of the WOW factor that it provides.


Trend 3: Predictive Analytics

Predictive marketing analytics uses algorithms to help you determine:

  • What campaigns will perform the best
  • What messaging your audience is most likely to react to
  • Which prospects are worth following up on

Clearly this will save you from wasting time and money running campaigns that won't work and chasing down leads that won't convert.


Trend 4: Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing is a strategy of promoting engaging and personalized campaigns to various stakeholders in a company, in an effort to lead them to a collective purchase decision.

The benefits include a personalized experience for your prospects, and of course, higher conversion rates.

These trends are great to be aware of, but remember the importance of having an overall strategy to keep everything aligned with your goals and what your audience wants!