Digital Dashboards

Digital dashboards can be a great way to increase visibility for teams, especially paired with an internal digital signage system.

Challenge: Both internal and external teams often suffer from a lack of visibility to positive or negative changes in digital platforms. How can you have on-demand analytics without requesting reports from an account manager?

Strategy: Ameritech Media set up and delivered digital dashboards available on a web based digital signage management system. Usable on TVs and other monitors, this simple system, is able to be used in high-traffic areas such as break rooms, hallways, conference rooms and meeting spaces to bring team awareness to analytics in real-time.

Results: The results were overwhelmingly positive. Clients were shipped devices to set up in their offices so they could see the results of their marketing efforts any time they wanted. Internal teams were able to better collaborate and make changes to strategies and campaigns to keep goals and KPI's on track. Example dashboards of a few analytic possibilities can be seen below.


Dashboard to track eCommerce sales & marketing

Dashboard to track corporate event attendees


Dashboard to track website traffic and activity

Dashboard to track all social accounts